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Sherine Metry

Sherine Metry

Sherine Metry, our Principal Solicitor and Managing Director, has over 15 years experience in law. She has developed SKM Lawyers into a highly respected and competitive law practice expanding in today’s market.

Sherine’s experience revolves around litigation, in areas of Corporations and Commercial law, Building and Construction disputes, Property, Insolvency, Contractual disputes, Family and Criminal law.  Sherine is an experienced ASIC Compliance Officer and provides advice to Authorised Representatives on best practice in the Financial Services Industry.

She is highly experienced in the conduct of major commercial litigation, principally in the Supreme Court of NSW.

She has represented a number of large domestic and international, financial and insurance companies and has detailed knowledge of commercial contract disputes in a broad range of sectors.

Sherine provides strategic advice for effective recovery options. Her diplomacy skills and competitive approach to dispute resolution, ensures she always achieves the best outcome for her clients in negotiated settlements.

Her professionalism and passion toward her work wins her clients as well as her peers respect and confidence.

Sherine is a member of several professional associations as the Law Society of New South Wales, the Australian Coptic Lawyers Association, The Universal Peace Federation, Women’s Lawyers Association of NSW, and the Australian Insolvency Lawyers Association.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn.